Industrial Products:

Industrial Products:

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The industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of self-adhesive auto body repair films.

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DMR Carpet Wrap

Self-adhesive floor covering to protect during operation. Perforated every 21”. Mats imprinted with “Dealer Must Remove.”
  • 24 in. x 300 ft. Roll
  • 4-mil. thick, Clear


CrashWrap® Original Film

Protects damaged vehicle interiors, ultraviolet inhibitors for extended sun exposure. Approved for up to one year.
  • 24 in. x 200 ft. Roll and 30 in. x 200 ft. Roll
  • 3-mil to 5-mil thickness, Yellow or Clear


CrashWrap® 3 Film

Protects vehicle interior during wet or dry sanding procedures and remains in place for painting or baking. Approved for three days in direct sunlight.
  • 36 in. x 100 ft. Roll, and 36 in. x 200 ft. Rolls
  • 2-mil thickness, Clear


GapWrap Film

Protects vehicle interior from weather by covering gaps. Approved for up to one year.
  • 1–6 in. x 200 ft. Roll Yellow
  • 4–6 in. x 200 ft. Roll Yellow


BoothWrap® Single Layer Kit

Enough film & tape to completely wrap a 27’ booth one time.
  • 1–36 in. x 225 ft. Roll Booth Wrap
  • 1—24 in. x 75 ft. Roll Booth Wrap
  • 1–2 in. x 330 ft. Roll Edge Tape


BoothWrap® 4X Original Protection Kit

Booth Wrap® 4X Original Protection Kit is for non baking booths—is a transparent protection film that has four layers. It easily keeps your Booth clean without water.
Protection Kit Includes:
  • 1–36 in. x 275 ft. roll 4-ply laminated film
  • 6–2 in. x 330 ft. rolls Edge Tape
  • For non baking booths


BoothWrap® Installation Tools

  • Applicator Brush
  • Dispenser
  • Applicator Brush & Dispenser


Perfect Line Tape (carton qty.: 6 rolls)

Our new and unique line perfection tape is abrasive resistant and allows you to sand directly on the tape surface without shredding. As tape wears, orange appears to warn of wear-through. (carton qty.: 6 rolls)

  • Works for blocking, sanding body filler and primer
  • Chemical resistant
  • Conforms to contours
  • Helps eliminate the need for constant reapplication of tape
  • Saves time and material


Super Strength Automotive
Odor Eliminator

Destroy car odors quickly and permanently using the power of Chlorine Dioxide.
  • Single application
  • Kit contains activator/pouch


Rapid Remover

Easily removes stubborn residue from paint booth walls in less than one minute. Conveniently cleans up with water.
  • 32 oz. bottle w/sprayer


Painters FastWrap®

Waterproof, pre-taped plastic paint masking system features treated, lint-free masking film.
  • 72" x 100' pre-folded roll (72" drop)


Rapid Tac

RAPID TAC Application fluid for Vinyl Wraps Decals Stickers. 

32 oz Bottle W/Sprayer