Industrial Products:

Industrial Products:

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The industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of self-adhesive auto body repair films.

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CrashWrap® Original Film

Protects damaged vehicle interiors, ultraviolet inhibitors for extended sun exposure. Approved for up to one year.
  • 24 in. x 200 ft. Roll and 30 in. x 200 ft. Roll
  • 3-mil to 5-mil thickness, Yellow or Clear


CrashWrap® 3 Film

Protects vehicle interior during wet or dry sanding procedures and remains in place for painting or baking. Approved for three days in direct sunlight.
  • 36 in. x 100 ft. Roll, and 36 in. x 200 ft. Rolls
  • 2-mil thickness, Clear


GapWrap Film

Protects vehicle interior from weather by covering gaps. Approved for up to one year.
  • 1–6 in. x 200 ft. Roll Yellow
  • 4–6 in. x 200 ft. Roll Yellow


BoothWrap® Installation Tools

  • Applicator Brush
  • Dispenser
  • Applicator Brush & Dispenser


Shark Skin Protection Tape

Ideal for use during sanding and reassembly. Convenient self-adhesive protection tape won’t damage trim or transfer adhesive. Shark Skin is durable, chemical resistant and won’t clog or destroy abrasive.

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Won’t clog or destroy abrasive


Haldon Tack Rags

Quickly remove loose particles of paint, primer, dust, dirt and lint. Designed to produce no transfer of resin to treated surface.
  • NON-WOVEN 50/50


Super Strength Automotive
Odor Eliminator

Destroy car odors quickly and permanently using the power of Chlorine Dioxide.
  • Single application
  • Kit contains activator/pouch


Residue Remover

Easily removes stubborn residue from paint booth walls in less than one minute. Conveniently cleans up with water.
  • 24 oz. bottle w/sprayer


Painters FastWrap®

Waterproof, pre-taped plastic paint masking system features treated, lint-free masking film.
  • 72" x 100' pre-folded roll (72" drop)