Barrier Films

Barrier Films
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Super Strength Automotive
Odor Eliminator

Destroy car odors quickly and permanently using the power of Chlorine Dioxide.
  • Single application
  • Kit contains activator/pouch


Rapid Remover

Easily removes stubborn residue from paint booth walls in less than one minute. Conveniently cleans up with water.
  • 32 oz. bottle w/sprayer


Painters FastWrap®

Waterproof, pre-taped plastic paint masking system features treated, lint-free masking film.
  • 72" x 100' pre-folded roll (72" drop)


Rapid Tac

RAPID TAC Application fluid for Vinyl Wraps Decals Stickers. 

32 oz Bottle W/Sprayer


Haldon Info Tags

Removable self-adhesive repair communication form quickly adheres to the windshield and ensures uniform repair details for every vehicle. Best when installed on clean glass and filled out with a permanent marker.

14” x 100 ft. roll—#IT1114
  • Provides accurate information for sublet vendors.
  • Prevents damage to glass often caused by water markers.
  • Compact 11.25” x 14” size adheres to either windshield or door glass.
  • Each roll contains at least 105 grids.
  • Costs less than $0.50/vehicle


Crash Wrap MaxTac — Weather Barrier Film

Protects the interior of damaged vehicles. Ideal for customers who prefer a more aggressive adhesive. Ultraviolet inhibitors prevent the adhesive from breaking down due to extended sun exposure and sticking to or damaging the vehicle paint. Approved for 45 days in direct sunlight.

36 in. x 100 ft. Roll
3 mil. Clear